Sunday, April 15, 2012

Epic Fail

I started reading our first book last night.  I know, I'm sorry.  I will read it again starting May 1 I promise. 

It is good though.  If you havent read this before I think you are going to enjoy it.  It's actually not at all what I expected.  It's much more.

Thank you again for joining me in this adventure.  I am really excited to read these books and hopefully meet some new people.  I am hoping that in 8 years this is going so well that we need to find a new list of books to read together.


  1. Lol, so you're ahead of the game! You can write your posts and schedule one would ever know!

  2. I also started reading early. I finished a book and didn't want to start a new one in case I couldn't finish by Monday/Tuesday.