Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Got to keep posting

I really don't have anything to say yet.  We haven't started reading and everything I have to post is for our first book.  I don't want to use all of that material and have nothing left to say while we are reading.

I have to keep posting though.  The Internet is a funny place where everything has to do with search engine rankings.  In order to get people to come here I need a greater ranking.  In order for the greater ranking I need more material on here.  That means that I need to keep posting, even when there is no reason to.  Like now.

I also need to mention words like '100 Greatest Novels' and 'book club' and 'online' often enough that when people search with those terms this blog shows up.

So really, all of this to say that there is no need to read this.  This is just a post for the sake of posting.  carry on with your day...

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